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Space is available in blocks of 200 x 50 pixels.

A single block can be reserved for £50.00 and lasts for 12 months. (Should you wish to pay in dollars, an up to date conversion can be made on the payment page). You may purchase any number of blocks from 1 to the maximum amount still available. Multiple block purchases do not have to be in adjacent spaces.


£50.00 =1 block = 200 x 50 pixels, 12 months

£100.00 = 2 blocks = 200 x100 pixels, 12 months

£100.00 = 2 blocks = 400 x 50 pixels, 12 months

Terms and Conditions:

  • Blocks are available to Companies, Organisations, or Individuals who provide party services, supplies, entertainment, etc.
  • The minimum purchase is £50.00 (1single 200 x 50 pixel block for 12 months), and the maximum purchase is however many blocks are still available on the page.
  • Purchasing blocks does not constitute ownership of any part of the homepage or this site, but rather you are granted the right to submit an image and link which will then be published on the homepage in the respective space you have paid for.
  • You may change the image or link at no extra cost, once you have submitted them, as long as you are within a fully paid-up 12 month term. The only exception is if we have made the banner for you, in which case there would be an additional charge for creating or modifying the image.
  • Once your image and link are accepted and published on the homepage, there can be no refund of any kind.
  • Your image and link will remain on the homepage for 12 months after it's first appearance. After this time it will be automatically renewed and charged for unless you notify us otherwise, or cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date.
  • No obscene/offensive/adult images/links will be accepted. If you submit an image or link that is rejected, you will have the opportunity to provide an alternative, otherwise your money will be refunded and you will lose your space.
  • If your link is accepted and you later change the content of the linked site to show offensive/obscene/adult material then your link will be removed until you provide a new one. There will be no refund of any kind for the link downtime.
  • If for whatever reason in the future you want your image and link removed from the homepage, this can be done but there will be no refund and the space will become publicly available again
  • Images must be the exact size you have paid for (eg. 1 block = 200 x 50 pixels).
  • Images must be in GIF or JPEG format, and a reasonable file size.
  • Images must NOT be animated.
  • Links must be to web pages only and begin with http://
  • You must have the authority to provide the image and link for the website you submit.
  • Funds must be fully received and cleared before your image and link go live on the homepage.
  • There may be occasional downtime for site maintenance but every attempt will be made to keep this to a minimum.
  • Once you have ordered and the funds have cleared, your image and link will be added at the earliest possible opportunity depending on demand.

And now on to the serious business of grabbing those blocks before they disappear faster than you can say Party On!